Christmastime at Disneyland

Here's the photos from our Disneyland trip.  We had such a great time with the whole family.

Giddy with excitement, waiting for the airplane to take us away.

While waiting for the group to get off of Splash Mountain, Darius and I ran into Pooh and Tigger, which was a nice surprise.

Watching Billy Hill and the Hillbillies show.

Judah tracked down every character he saw to get a photo with them.

After the Hillbilly show, the bears came out for a little jig.

Elliot was such a trooper and shared a hide-a-bed every night with these guys.  The boys loved it!  Best uncle ever.

Oh yah, we're serious about our rides.

Uncles are more fun to ride with than parents.

The gang.

One of MANY rides on the carousel.

Space Mountain

Splash Mountain with Phil and Kate.

Toon Town, which was Darius' destination to meet Mickey and the "gull Mickey" (Minnie).

The boys were sucked into making their own light-sabers.

Waiting for the Star Wars show.

Judah (in orange, up on stage), Owen (to the left in the blue) and Anna (right) were all chosen to be in the Star Wars show.  They really feel like they are official Jetti Knights now.

Meeting Sugar Rush.

The cars at Autotopia were on Darius' favorite list.

On the plane ride home, these guys were the best investment.

Happy to have spent time together in Disneyland, happy to go home together with fun family memories.


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