Sep 7, 2015

Goodbye Summer

All the school supplies have been purchased and handwritten names have been meticulously written in the tiniest of ways.  Every year I try to save a buck and buy one of those battery-operated pencil sharpeners.  And every year, they slow down and burn out about three-quarters of the way through the dozens of pencils that need to be ready to go on the first day.  So this year, I splurged on an electric one and then I put the boys to work to each sharpen their own pencils.

As Owen was working on his 50 pencils, he began to get tired of the tedious chore with some comments about wanting to be finished.  Darius had been watching him work for a while with this piercing look as though he were watching an intense movie.  He kept asking questions like, "when is it my turn?" and "when is Owen going to be done?".  I finally looked at Owen and told him that he could take a break and let Darius work on some of his.  I ended the suggestion with, "besides, Darius is dying to try out that pencil sharpener".  Darius looked at me stunned, so surprised that I knew what he was thinking he said, "you are right mom, I am dying to try it!"

Things magically go up in value if someone else wants what you thought you didn't want.  That's what happened, Owen decided he needed to finish his job.  So Darius waited patiently with his 20 pencils.  When it was finally Darius' turn, he sat in the chair and began his labor.  Graham seemed to finally notice the growling machine and sat up on the table next to Darius, yelling at Dar-Dar, as he calls him, to give him the pencils and the little noise maker.  Darius seemed to successfully ward him off and Graham soon noticed the hole in the table was just the perfect size to drop pencils down into.  He carefully placed Darius' pencils into the hole and then watched them drop.  This complicated Darius' task a bit as he was chasing pencils off the floor, one-by-one of course.

Judah finished sharpening his 5 dozen pencils and I am pleased to say that the pencil sharpener is still going strong.  I am so relieved that the school supply chore of the year is finished.  Now we can say goodbye to the lazy days of summer and hello to the disciplines of a full fall schedule.  This year we have a 1st grader, 3rd grader and a 5th grader.

Sep 27, 2014

Another Kindergartener

I cannot believe this is happening already!  

Apr 15, 2013

A Little "38 is Great!" Birthday Bash

Judah wrote, "You are 38...38...38...38...we love 38!" on Brian's birthday present.

The cake was supposed to say, "38 is Great!" but a minor communication error left us with this.  Hey, I think it turned out better.  Taking it out to the car to show Brian through the window with a little chuckle of my own, he gave me a nice eye roll.  It's the little things in life...

Brian finally enjoying his birthday party that I made him have.  We're really not all that into birthday parties for ourselves, but we used his 38th as a cover.  Check out the video below to see the cover finally blown.

Brian's Birthday Speech

Feb 23, 2013

My Valentines


This year's Valentine's Day was the best.  Brian, Darius and I spent the afternoon running a few errands in Portland.  On the way home we stopped in at the Ram's Head, a favorite McMenamins spot for burgers.  Darius was the sweetest little Valentine date with his own pint size burger, which of course he loved.  It was quite a special time with just us and him. 

For dinner we made everyone's favorite meal--homemade pizza.  We shaped the dough into hearts and there were five perfect valentine pizzas.  It was a great Valentine's day with all my Valentines.  I love these boys!

Dec 24, 2012

Christmastime at Disneyland

Here's the photos from our Disneyland trip.  We had such a great time with the whole family.

Giddy with excitement, waiting for the airplane to take us away.

While waiting for the group to get off of Splash Mountain, Darius and I ran into Pooh and Tigger, which was a nice surprise.

Watching Billy Hill and the Hillbillies show.

Judah tracked down every character he saw to get a photo with them.

After the Hillbilly show, the bears came out for a little jig.

Elliot was such a trooper and shared a hide-a-bed every night with these guys.  The boys loved it!  Best uncle ever.

Oh yah, we're serious about our rides.

Uncles are more fun to ride with than parents.

The gang.

One of MANY rides on the carousel.

Space Mountain

Splash Mountain with Phil and Kate.

Toon Town, which was Darius' destination to meet Mickey and the "gull Mickey" (Minnie).

The boys were sucked into making their own light-sabers.

Waiting for the Star Wars show.

Judah (in orange, up on stage), Owen (to the left in the blue) and Anna (right) were all chosen to be in the Star Wars show.  They really feel like they are official Jetti Knights now.

Meeting Sugar Rush.

The cars at Autotopia were on Darius' favorite list.

On the plane ride home, these guys were the best investment.

Happy to have spent time together in Disneyland, happy to go home together with fun family memories.

Nov 20, 2012

The Bullfrog

The boys have caught countless frogs around our neighborhood.  But the other day they caught the motherload of frogs, a bullfrog.  They were delighted all day long.  It was the biggest frog any of us had ever seen.  So for your viewing pleasure, the bullfrog...